Russell Brand sunglasses
Look who's been getting around!
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Guess Who Russell Brand Is Hooking Up With Now?

Russell Brand has started moving on from his divorce from songstress Katy Perry. The lucky lady with whom he is doing so is none other than Isabella Brewster, younger sister to actress Jordana Brewster, reports the New York Daily News.

Katy Perry singing
Singing through the tough times
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Katy Perry Opens Up, Says Divorce Caused Her Many Tears

No one likes to cry at work, but it happens to the best of us. Yet, imagine how much worse it would be when work means performing in front of thousands of strangers with all of their eyes on you? This is precisely what Katy Perry was forced to deal with following her tough split and divorce from husband Russell Brand.

Katy Perry and Rusell Brand
At least they're sort of amicable, right?
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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Agree On Who Gets $6.5 Million House

When we heard Katy Perry and Russell Brand signed exactly zero prenuptial agreements before they married, we were worried. When they announced their split last December after 14 months of marriage, we braced ourselves for a messy, brutal divorce. If he wanted to, Brand could have walked away with $20 million from his ex-wife—half of her earnings during the course of their ill-fated matrimony.

Weelchairs? Golden Showers? The Top 5 Weirdest Celebrity Fetishes
Yes, Scarlett Johansson has certain sexual preferences!
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Wheelchairs? Golden Showers? Top 5 Weirdest Celebrity Fetishes

Some celebrities have no shame when it comes to certain things: details about their private lives, public meltdowns, and in some cases, even their weird fetishes. Now, we totally support everyone's right to like whatever they want to like (today, January 20, is International Fetish Day after all) but some things should be kept private – namely, these odd celeb fetishes!

Is Russell Brand Writing A Tell-All About Katy Perry?
The pop singer isn't smiling about this latest news
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Is Russell Brand Writing A Tell-All About Katy Perry?

Whatever happened in Katy Perry's short 14-month marriage could be cause for concern. First, Russell Brand blindsides the gorgeous blue-eyed Perry with a divorce on December 30. And now, the the 36-year-old actor is planning to write a tell-all memoir, according to Us Weekly.