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sexy gestures that qualify as foreplay
An adventurous date is just the thing to spark excitement in a relationship.
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13 Surprisingly Sexy Gestures That Qualify As Foreplay

Small gestures that say "I love you" bring a sense of love and kindness to your relationship and will help create emotional security. That's why we asked four of our experts to share their ideas for enhancing your intimate bond ... and firing up your sex life.

5 Romantic Anniversary Gifts That Won't Break The Bank
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5 Romantic Anniversary Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

In today's rocky economy, it just makes sense to shop smart. But when a special occasion is on the horizon, you may be tempted to try to go all out. Before you do, check out our list of anniversary gifts that won't break the bank for ideas on how to create great memories, while sticking to your family's financial goals.

emma stone andrew garfield
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone took their romance from on-screen to real life.
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Can Acting Like You're In Love Lead To The Real Deal?

A study conducted on 100 speed-daters found that singles who acted like they were in love on speed dates were more likely to make a genuine connection with the person across the table from them. From physical affection to sharing your dirty secrets, "faking" love with someone, no matter how small the gestures, can land you in real love.

8 Rules For The Perfect Romantic Gesture

8 Rules For The Perfect Romantic Gesture

I don't want to hear any more talk about romance being "dead," "on life support" (ugh), or "only sleeping." Romance is alive and well, but it IS evolving. Modern romance is less about creating a fantasy and more about really getting the object of your affection. Romantic gestures that hold up today are born of sincere attention to the object of your affection's desires. Whether these gestures are spontaneous or planned for months, they are thoughtful.

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Study: A Man's Laziness Doesn't Mean He Loves You Any Less

In a new relationship, every kiss or cuddle is appreciated, cooed over, and dissected with girlfriends over brunch. But as time wears on, many of us begin to take small romantic gestures for granted, and instead focus on whether or not our partner is capable of ongoing thoughtful behavior. Does he call back when he said he would? Does he do household chores without being nagged? Does he put the toilet seat down? And if he doesn't, why not? "It's not that much effort!" we think. "Wouldn't he make it a priority to do those things if he really loved me?" Apparently, in some cases, the answer is "No."