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Love Bytes: There's No Good Female Word For "Bachelor"

We need a better word for a female bachelor. Budgeting for the holidays. 10 ways to die during the holidays. If Robert Pattinson believed in soulmates, would you? Soulmates are made not met. A small peen contest isn't good for anyone. Aziz Ansari talks about marriage. Who should play the leads in Fifty Shades Of Grey? 6 things no one should say to a lady. Prince Harry is up to more shenanigans. Mothers-in-law are really tricky. And why guys chooses a lady over another.

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice is the star of the new hit movie 'Fun Size.'
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Victoria Justice On Why 'Fun Size' Is The Perfect Date Movie!

All Victoria Justice wants to do these days is have some fun. The 19-year-old actress, singer-songwriter and dancer deserves it. Working since age 10 on the Nickelodeon series 'Zoey 101' and 'Victorious,' Justice now stars in the film 'Fun Size' about a young woman who has to keep track of her little brother during a night out—Halloween. The film also stars Johnny Knoxville, Chelsea Handler and Josh Pence. You can also catch her latest song 'Countdown' on iTunes.

4 Tips for Kristen Stewart & Cheaters Everywhere
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4 Tips for Kristen Stewart & Cheaters Everywhere

Poor Kristen Stewart. Yes. I said it and I’ll say it again: Poor Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson has garnered tons of support post break up but I doubt many people are feeling too bad for Kristen. After all, she’s the one who cheated. Why should anyone feel bad for her? Because her stupid mistake is being examined under a public microscope and critiqued in the tabloids.