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The #1 Reason Guys Beat Up Their Girlfriends

Men who batter rarely do it once, even if they are rich and famous. So if you're in a relationship with a guy who has pushed, hit or slapped you once, take it as a warning sign. You can expect him to do it again and again. Here's everything you need to know about batterers from domestic violence experts Diann Ackard, a PhD psychologist on the board of Break the Cycle, an organization specializing in the treatment of domestic abuse, and Candice Hopkins, director of Love is Respect, the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline.

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A Domestic Violence Survivor's Advice For Rihanna

Oprah isn't a domestic abuse victim; Kristen Rambler was. Her advice to Rihanna: LEAVE CHRIS BROWN! Forget the $50,000 forgiveness bracelet. Don't record the duet. GET OUT NOW! Rambler spent two years, beginning when she was 17 and a high school senior, desperately in love with her first boyfriend. But gradually the relationship turned increasingly violent. When Kristen saw Rihanna's beaten face, it was like looking in the mirror at what her own used to look like. Kristen, now 26, considers herself lucky to have survived that day. Rihanna—she wants you to hear her story and learn.

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Did Chris Brown Alert the Media?

We reported yesterday the suspicion that Rihanna and Chris Brown might have possibly-maybe-sorta gotten married this past weekend during their reunion at Diddy’s Star Island mansion in Miami. Now, some other media outlets (including us) are asking about another suspicious item and what seems to be obvious question: how did the paparazzi learn of the secluded reunion? Star Island is a gated community in Miami that is well sought-after for its security and privacy, counting Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan among its residents for this reason. Well, according to a source, Chris Brown tipped them off the paps in a media strategy to get coverage of their reunion. The source states, "Chris tipped off the photographers. He needs it to be out there that he and Rihanna are back together.

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together

Weeks after Rihanna and Chris Brown's names became (potentially forever) linked to domestic violence, the couple has apparently rekindled their romance, according to An unnamed source told the site that the efforts to reconnect have been "mutual" and that the young pair "care for each other." Feelings aside, the world will watch in wonderment as Rihanna takes back a man who allegedly beat her on the night of February 8. Brown was arrested for making criminal threats, but charges have not been pressed.

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Advice For Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown are young (Chris is 19). Sure, they're celebrities who have faced the pressure of the public eye, and they've done serious work at an age when many people are skipping class because they did too many kegstands. But no matter what adult situations they've successfully navigated the fact remains that they are not grown-ups. They need guidance and support. Which brings us to Bonnie Fuller's essay on Huffington Post.