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Rihanna really sexed up the show!
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Did You See Rihanna's Seductive Performance On "SNL"?

Rihanna hit up "Saturday Night Live" last night – where she performed her new single "Where Have You Been."

 While the sexy singer appeared in "Shy Ronnie" digital shorts during her past visits to the show, this time she just performed two songs ... steering clear of the show's skits.

Rihanna's Reunion With Chris Brown: Good Or Bad? [EXPERT]
The couple is all smiles here ...
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Rihanna's Reunion With Chris Brown: Good Or Bad?

There's certainly a lot of buzz being created by the reunion of Rihanna and Chris Brown. There are always two sides of every story and this one is no different. It's interesting. There are various perspectives and opinions being shared out there by family, friends and fans about whether their getting back together is a good or bad decision. This is a classic case of Ying and Yang. Let's explore the pros and cons about the views and challenges this young celebrity couple are facing as they go through this very public reunion full of controversy.

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What for, RiRi?
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Ladies, Rihanna Wants You To Get Naked

Rihanna has advice for women everywhere: get naked more often! Even though she's been dubbed Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and wears plenty of partially nude outfits on stage and in magazines, the 24-year-old singer has had a tough time accepting all the good and bad about her body.

Chris Brown
Yep, that's right, it appears she forgave him.
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Right & Wrong Things To Tell Kids About Chris Brown

When Chris Brown smashed Rihanna's face up and bit her, there should have been no question about what a child learned from their parent. If you didn't reveal your opinion about her return, your silence is sending a message of acceptance. You have to come down heavy on violence against women being wrong and back it up with supporting actions — like telling your kids no buying Brown's music.

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Can you really forgive & forget something like domestic abuse?
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What Does The Future Hold for Rihanna & Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Rihanna just recorded a song together and are reportedly hooking up, but has either of them really changed since Brown physically assaulted Rihanna in 2009? Should they cut all ties, or is forgiveness in their situation healthy? In my expert opinion, the answer is neither!

Rihanna Supporting 'Chris Brown' In Cell Phone Theft Allegation"!

Rihanna Supporting 'Chris Brown' In Cell Phone Theft Allegation"!

  Rihanna is standing by Chris Brown as he awaits the decision on whether he'll be charged in the theft of a cell phone. As we previously reported, Brown has been accused of stealing Christal Spann's iPhone after she says she snapped a picture of the singer sitting in the back of a Bentley. Brown allegedly snatched the phone, and said, "b*tch, you're not gonna put that on the Internet," and then drove off.