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12 Surprising New Facts About Singles In America
Men want to live together sooner than women? And more interesting facts...
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12 Surprising New Facts About Singles In America recently conducted their second-annual comprehensive study of single people in America, who now constitute one-third of the population. Over 5,000 singles participated in the Singles In America survey, with questions ranging from "How many times have you had sex in the last 12 months?" to "Has the economy affected your dating life?" The survey produced some pretty juicy results...

Love Or Money At The Iowa Caucuses: Which One Won?
In Iowa precinct 41, Romney won 116 votes.
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Love Or Money At The Iowa Caucuses: Which One Won?

In the wake of the Iowa caucuses, many pundits are scratching their heads. Favorites like Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich lost to the relative unknown, Rick Santorum, who tied with Mitt Romney at 24% of the vote. But perhaps, the result is less confusing when you look at it from the angle of love and relationships.

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I hear there are some wild parties in Hell.
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What's Worse: Cheating Or Atheism?

As an atheist, it's nice to know that I'm less likely to ever become president than a devout Christian who's cheated on his wife with everything that moves. Hypocrites much? Even as an atheist, I know the Ten Commandments better than some conservative folks.

Do you and your loved one butt heads when it comes to political beliefs?
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Do You Love Someone, But Hate Their Politics?

Do you love someone who doesn't share your political values? Or perhaps you know an R or a D or an I who is making a life with her opposite number? Purple States is casting red-and-blue couples for a docu-drama that will air in the fall of 2012.

republican elephant
Gentlemen, if you don't share my bleeding heart liberal views, we will not be having sex.
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Angry Single Blogger: Why I'll Never Have Sex With A Republican

Note to the male population: If you don't share my bleeding heart liberal views, we will not be having sex. Just something to think about during this pre-election season, which has already bombarded us with incompetent GOP debates and Rick Perry's overtly bizarre behavior. I'm apparently in the minority on this one, however.

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The Worst Sex Scandals In Politics

Although both political parties have had their fair share of sex scandals over the years, one party in particular seems to have had the overall worst ones. Now how do you define "worst" exactly? Well, The Frisky spells—or counts—it out for us with a scorecard, listing 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans involved in some of the biggest, most recent sex scandals.

anthony weiner weinergate sex scandal
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Republicans Cheat With Prostitutes, Democrats With Their Staffers

Leave it to The Daily Beast to crunch the numbers on something as salacious as political scandals. We're sure they had a ball doing hardcore data analysis on the last 20 years of cigars, wide stances and love children with housekeepers. Of course, at the end of the day, what we really want to know is which party has been involved in more sex scandals (we'll spoil it for you: the Republicans). We won't spoil the rest of the lurid details.

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Do Democrats Have More Sex Scandals Than Republicans?

But it begs the question, why are Republicans winning this awful race? If you ask a Republican, they might say that Republicans are targeted by the media. If you ask a Democrat they might say that Republicans, who are known for touting a line of "family values" are hypocrites. I know one Republican who thinks that Republican politicians are simply set up. The answer it seems, is as divisive as the politics.

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Do Politics Matter To Your Relationship?

I would and have dated someone of opposite politics and in fact, dear reader, I married him. (10 points to the person who names that literary reference.) I am not going to lie and say that we never talk about politics and things are hunky dory. Because, we literally cannot watch a political debate together without glaring at each other from opposite ends of the couch and then someone sneaking out to eat all the Cheetos, just to make the other person upset. Those were my Cheetos! While, politics are important to both of us, but even more important is the fact that we agree that Skittles are a superior candy and that the movie theater smells like a wet gym sock. These are the pillars of a relationship. Not all that values and morals crap.

political icons battle it out
Inside YourTango

YourTango Takes To The Airwaves And Talks Politics

Recently, YourTango asked readers: Would you date across the political aisle? The results were astonishing, as 77 percent of respondents said that they'd be open to dating their political opposite. Curious to learn more, we decided to open up the discussion further, taking to the radio airwaves and starting a dialogue with various radio show listeners.

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Political Victories Put People In The Mood For Sex

Sex and politics: Google searches for pornography spike after political victories. A husband and wife psychologist team decided to get to the bottom of whether or not political victories cause an upswing in pornography usage. It turns out, YES, there is in fact more titillating viewing going on the night of an election, but only if you happened to vote for the winning party.

arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver

Family Vs Career, Starring The Schwarzeneggers

The Governator recently publicly called out his wife for doing something not quite as dangerous as drunk driving, but had Shriver been photographed getting out of her car falling down drunk what would happen then? Are we more obligated to society as a whole or to our family? Does it change when you're in a position of power?

mark sanford

The Mark Sanford Rundown

This story has it all: infidelity, Argentina, the state of South Carolina, sex, lies and the Appalachian Trail. Governor Mark Sanford trysted in South America while South Carolina was operating sans a chief executive. On top of that, his wife, Jenny Sanford, knew of his perfidy and was in the midst of separating from him.