Relationship Coach: Pets & Unconditional Love
Bringing puppy love to a whole new level. Photo:, Flickr.
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4 Lessons Our Pets Can Teach Us About Unconditional Love

Relationship coach Renee Heiss offers insights into unconditional love in relationships through the eyes of your pet dog and child. What do they have in common? More than you think. Read on to learn what we can learn from our furry friends about love.

woman jealous of couple
Um, get your own coffee.

Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Jealousy is never about just one thing; in relationships, it can often indicate that there are deeper issues at play. Listen up to this relationship coach advice if you've ever wondered: can a healthy amount of jealousy ever be good for you?

Abusive Relationships: When To Breakup & Leave For Good
Leaving might make you miss his smile, but if you're really honest? You miss yours more.
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I'm Giving Up On You: Leaving For Good

Bad or abusive relationships are so hard to leave, but to protect your heart, you have to be strong enough to walk away. Learn when and how to leave him for the last time.

Relationship Coach: Expressing Love Through Actions
Even though you're hearing those three words, do you feel loved?
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Use Your Actions: When 'I Love You' Isn't Enough

Hearing "I love you" can be one of, if not the greatest, joy that we can receive in relationships. However, what if your partner's actions don't express that declaration of love? This relationship coach provides relatable examples — do you recognize this happening in your life?

Keep The Passion Alive: Tips From A Relationship Coach
Soon you'll be flirting like you were on your first date.
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How To Keep The Passion Alive

All relationships become more comfortable over time, but they shouldn't ever feel boring or stale. Read this relationship coach's advice on how to spice up your relationship or marriage.