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Always Getting Rejected? 3 Ways To Love Yourself Anyway
It's his loss, not yours.
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Always Getting Rejected? 3 Ways To Love Yourself Anyway

Are you beginning to think that there's something wrong with you because you've been rejected so many times? It's hard to love yourself when you feel like no one else could ever love you, but luckily, that's not true! Follow these 3 steps to learn to love yourself in spite of everyone else.

Dating Fails: 6 Ways To Survive A Bad Date
I didn't think he'd be so self-centered. Is he having the date with himself or me?
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6 Ways To Survive A Bad Date

Have you found yourself on a date with someone that you initially thought could be the perfect catch BUT...they were exactly the opposite. Did you wonder how you can jet out of there quickly without hurting anyones feelings? If so, read on to see Elizabeth Stone's tips for exiting a bad date gracefully.

couple rejection
Handle yourself with grace and dignity and you will become a magnet for your soul mate.
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No Whimps Allowed: Handling Dating Rejection With Grace

Dating and rejection, these two words often seem to go hand-in-hand. It is just part of the equation. Chemistry is not something that can be predicted. So even if the date goes well, that romantic spark might not be there. Matchmaker Marla Martenson explains what to do when it goes sour.

Breakup: Surviving Your Breakup Like A Class Act
When a couple breaks up there is some damage done, but it's not the end of the world.
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Stay Classy, Ladies: 5 Ways To Gracefully Survive A Breakup

An unexpected breakup can make you behave in ways you never thought you would. You want to make your lover stay so you say strange things that make them run away. You cry in desperation and lose self-value. You even forget the joys of simply living. Let's not go down this road. A breakup is NOT the end of your world! No matter how much it hurts, you can still be an adult about it.

man and woman upset in bed
One reason? He's suffering from poor body image.
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Not Tonight, Honey: 20 Reasons Men Turn Down Sex

What's really going through his mind when he's not in the mood? We put so much pressure on men to always be interested in sex. Men will feel like an alien for not being in the mood — and women think it's because something is wrong with her. In order to stop these misconceptions here are 20 very real reasons men say no to sex.

sad single woman
Don't wallow in your sadness.
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Rejected? 4 Steps To Moving On

It's easy to feel pretty let down when someone you like doesn't like you back, but it's not the end of the world, we promise. And there are little things you can do to make it a bit easier on yourself.

Dating Tips: How To Keep Him Interested
Slow down, sister! Have you even met his family?
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Think He's 'The One'? Not So Fast!

Learn why he may be retreating after you tell him he's "the one" with these dating tips from Elizabeth Stone. (Hint: a man who says, 'She's the one!' after a few weeks of dating is about as rare as a unicorn).

Personal Development Coach: How To Heal After Rejection & Divorce
Feeling frustrated is normal but it's in your best interest to get back to you.
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Feeling Rejected After Your Split? 6 Real Ways To Move On

Personal development coach Terry Gaspard understands how it feels to be left by a spouse. If your self-confidence has taken a tumble due to rejection, read on to learn the six tips that will help heal. You deserve to know how wonderful you are!

Writer For Rolling Stone Loves My Profile, But Hates My Writing
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Writer For Rolling Stone Loves My Profile, But Hates My Writing

When I was online dating I received a message from a guy living in Boston. I wasn’t too impressed with his pictures. He wasn’t completely bad looking, but he was no Brad Pitt either. He sent me this message: “What a great--and-well-written--profile. Funny. Learned. Arousing, too, even. Cheers for the great read.” –C. (I will keep his name hidden to protect the innocent). I told him that I write profiles professionally.