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Eating Together
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Eating Together

People with Diabetes often feel isolated at dinner time as they eat one thing and the rest of the family "enjoys" their dinner which consists of foods laden with too many carbohydrates for them.  Many families have these separate meals because they believe diabetic friendly meals are difficult to prepare, too expensive, or will not taste good.  I invite you to visit our website where you can watch videos of Tova preparing diabetic friendly meals that are delicious, easy to prepare, and reasonable cost.  Remember, t

couples tiramisu
Tiramisu, also known as "Tuscan Viagra"
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22 Best Recipes To Make As A Couple

Finally, the best recipes to cook as a couple are all under one roof. We've collected recipes from our staff, bloggers and website partners to compile a comprehensive list of recipes that lend themselves particularly well to a couple in the kitchen. From sweet to savory, these recipes are best enjoyed as a pair.

couple drinking
Is drinking together not a valid couples' hobby? Oops.
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5 'Beertails' To Make Your Boyfriend Try, Stat

What happens if you find yourself making drinks at home — and your boyfriend likes beer, while you're a Tequila Sunrise gal? Should you just make your own separate drinks? Nope. BO-RING. Obviously, you should make beertails as a couple.

sexy cocktail girl
Here's your Pumpkin Irish Coffee, dear!
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6 Fall Cocktails That Will Make Your Date Swoon

Fall is here — it's getting chillier every day, at least here in New York — so why not warm things up with some hot cocktails? Whether you're planning on entertaining a date, a group of friends or just yourself, these cocktail recipes are perfect for these crisp autumn days.

family cooking recipes quick healthy
Looking for healthy family recipes that don't take forever to make? Look no further.
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Strapped For Time? 5 Quick & Healthy Family Recipes

Are you a busy mom who is constantly trying to feed herself, her kids and her husband — all while making healthy choices? And then your kids' friends come over and you find yourself having even more mouths to feed? There are few things more frustrating than finding yourself strapped for time at the end of a long day, with no idea of what to make.

white russian
If you like White Russians, you'll really like Blind Russians. Trust us.
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Happy National Vodka Day! 4 Sexy Cocktails To Whip Up

There's something about alcohol that makes us want to have sex. Don't lie. You know it's true. But why stick to boring old shots or beer when trying to "get it in," so to speak? You're a mature adult, after all. So put on your sexy silk stockings tonight and make your date a vodka cocktail.

engagement chicken recipe contest
Could your romantic recipe be the next Engagement Chicken?
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Contest: We Are Looking For The Next Engagement Chicken!

By now you may have heard about "Engagement Chicken"—the roast chicken recipe supposedly responsible for inspiring men to propose to their girlfriends. Well, we are on the hunt for the next "engagement chicken"... that is, some special dish which, when you prepare it for your sweetheart, inspires him to commit some specific, romantic act.

Romantic Fourth Of July
Get creative and try one of these delicious dishes at your Fourth of July gathering!
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8 Recipes For A Romantic Fourth Of July Cookout

Whether you're hosting or attending a Fourth of July celebration, there's one question that will most definitely be on your mind on the days leading up to this fun-filled, summer holiday: "What food should I make?"

mint julep kentucky derby
The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday. Get ready to mix drinks for the big race!
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5 Hottest Kentucky Derby Cocktails

Are you ready for the Kentucky Derby this Saturday? I sure am. I don't know what it is about watching that race each year that gets me so excited, but I always look forward to taking in the action. (Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the South?)

Cinco De Mayo
Planning a Cinco de Mayo party?
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5 Cocktails For A Sexy Cinco De Mayo!

In case you didn't know, this Saturday is Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the victory of Mexican soldiers over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Although it's only celebrated regionally in Mexico, pretty much everyone in the U.S. uses it as an excuse to make margaritas and tacos and party down.