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Does A Crappy Economy Mean Beefcake Men Are In?

Do we as a society prefer different looking men depending on the state of our bank accounts? Does unemployment cause us to instinctively eye skinny guys? Burly types? According to Daily Mail writer Tanya Gold, a self-proclaimed meaty man lover, those skinny jean wearing pretty boys are as out as investment bankers, and to replace them? The Daniel Craigs and Hugh Jackman's of the celebrity world. Gold thinks us ladies want the strong, fleshy arms of a "beefcake" to rock us through the dark, daunting days of an economic downturn. Gold goes throughout the years and outlines all of Hollywood's heartthrobs, proving her economic climate thesis.

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2 Ways Recessions Can Strengthen Relationships

The recession will affect relationships in different ways, and just how couples deal with the economic turmoil will depend on a multitude of factors. While the prevailing tone of this roundup of perspectives on what happens to couples as they wade through economic woes in The New York Times, a few panelists shed light on positive points. Here are a few that rose to the fore:

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Recession Causes Upswing In Vasectomies

According to The New York Times, out of work fathers are lining up for vasectomies in the same fervor as they do the unemployment insurance. The Southern California Planned Parenthood has reported a 30% increase in vasectomies, while an Upper East Side doctor in New York City says the financial world's demise has sent herds of fired New Yorkers into his office, upping his usual monthly snip snip quota from six to nine. Whie we're thrilled as ever men are taking control of this whole reproductive problem (it's almost as good as the whispers of male birth control pills) one would venture to guess men are choosing sterilization over condoms. Interesting. And also a point of concern for doctors who feel the urge to tell their eager Fathers No More that vasectomies, while reversable, aren't an operation that should be done in haste. As one frazzled, recently canned 30-year-old told The Times: "I wanted to get this done before the insurance ran out." As if he was talking about a teeth-cleaning or check-up.

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5 Sexy Spring Styles For Him And Her

Spring has finally sprung, and the urge to shop for new clothes is almost as strong as the need to find a way to pay for them. Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot to look great this season. The biggest looks combine versatility with all-American style, and you only need five must-haves to update your wardrobe. Armed with these lists of essentials for him and her (and where to get them), you can even sneak your look into fall without spending a fortune.

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The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman

Author Jamie Cat Callan grew up in America, but she has a French grandmother. After traveling between France and the U.S. time and again, Cat Callan realized that French women are, indeed, different from us when it comes to romance. But Cat Callan didn't stop at noticing—she traveled all over the country and interviewed hundreds of men and women about love and romance customs and attitudes in France. The results are catalogued in her delightful book, "French Women Don’t Sleep Alone: Pleasurable Secrets To Finding Love." YourTango spoke with Cat Callan about dinner parties and adultery.

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Saving Money—And Your Relationship—After Job Loss

Times are tough and, these days, jobs are lost as regularly as kids lose their baby teeth. In a relationship, when one partner becomes unemployed, it can be a challenge to stay upbeat and supportive. One YourTango user came to us for advice on the matter. We asked the stars of our new series Still Life Love Advice to tell us: how do you save money and your relationship when your love gets laid off?

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Ex-Wife And New Husband Move In With Her Ex

A newlywed couple from Omaha, Nebraska have just moved in with the bride's ex-husband. Yes. Take a moment out to wrap your heads around that one. You get married, divorced, married again and what do you do? Move in with your ex!  It takes all types in this world. When Nicole Thompson-Arce married husband No. 2, Mathew Arce (her former mother-in-law was in the wedding, by the way) last July, he lost his job. She had just quit hers, and while he's gainfully employed now, the couple didn't have the funds to provide for her two children from her previous marriage. The two found themselves riddled with debt and unable to pay rent.

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Ronson Now Playing Sugardaddy To Lohan

It's not easy to get by in the land of plenty these days. One in ten American homeowners are either behind in their mortgage payments or already in foreclosure. 20% of LA County residents are currently unemployed or underemployed. And at least one Hollywood celebrity is scrambling to pay the bills on yet another pair of ugly Lycra-blend leggings. Yes, recession-fighting friends, we're talking about Lindsay Lohan – who, despite being a tabloid favorite, hasn't had a movie role since her 2007 flop I Know Who Killed Me. "It's scary when you realize, 'Oh my God, I'm not working. And I have a house to pay for now,' " Lohan says in April's Nylon.

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Is Your Bedroom Sex-Ready?

As Susan Quilliam, editor of the newly revised The Joy of Sex, reported in her native UK last week, financial uncertainty increases a desire for the comfort of skin-on-skin contact. A recent survey of 20,000 Brits revealed sex to be their favorite low-cost activity. But the recession aphrodisiac could peeter out the deeper into the economic crisis we go, Quilliam reasons, as anxiety kills rather than fuels the mood. That means, you best get your bedroom good and sexorated before too long. Enter Michael Shnayerson, veteran journalist and Vanity Fair contributor, who's culled together some dos and don'ts for decorating one's bedroom with sex in mind.

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45 Percent of Americans "Pencil In" Sex

Two new sex surveys revealed their findings this week—giving us a glimpse of what goes on the between the sheets of our fellow Americans.Consumer Reports interviewed 1,000 people between ages 18 and 75 about the frequency of and satisfaction with their sex lives. Working Mother conducted a separate survey of 500 readers—and presumed working moms—about the amount and quality of their time in the sack.

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Girlfriends of Ex-Wall Street Bankers Unite!

You know you might be a candidate for Dating A Banker Anonymous if you've suffered any of the following: a. Your Bergdorf's allowance has been halved. b. Bottle service has all but disappeared from your life. c. You depend on your boyfriend for the above indulgences. Such is the premise of the support group and blog that two ex-girlfriends of Wall Street types started after the market—and then their relationships—plunged. When they noticed other women complaining about the enhanced thriftiness, neediness and emotional instability of their banker boyfriends, they decided the girlfriends (dare we call them gold diggers?) needed some newfound support of their own. At informal meetings over cocktails, groups of twentysomething women gather to lament their downtrodden or unemployed I-banking men.

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Dating A Rich Guy: More Important Than You Think

"All you need is love." That's what the Beatles said, and it remains a pretty tempting. It doesn't matter how rich your husband is, right? If you love someone it doesn't matter if he's a jobless pauper—you'll make it work, somehow. Well, the Beatles didn't live through the recession of the late aughts—and some of today's women are realizing that their relationships are more dependent on money than they once believed.

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Recession-Friendly Honeymoons

TIME magazine recently included Canada, Iceland and South Korea on a list of the best places to travel in a recession, thanks to a stronger dollar. Heading to Canada would cut down on airline costs, and all three locations offer beautiful landscapes and memorable characeristics that a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean wouldn't. Plus, there's less risk of hurricanes.