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"I'll have the filet mignon."
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Angry Single Blogger: Would You Go On A Date For The Free Meal?

When I recently told my sister that I was going to start actively dating and really putting myself out there, her response was simple and to the point: "Well, at least you can get a free meal out of it." I had always thought people said this as a joke, but after a bit of investigating among my single girlfriends, quite a few of them actually admitted to dating solely for the free dinner.

Just How Much Sex Is Going On At Occupy Wall Street?
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Just How Much Sex Is Going On At Occupy Wall Street?

You can find pot, condoms, and topless women at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York's Zuccotti Park. In an article yesterday, the New York Post painted a picture of debauchery among the protests, filled with homeless looking for free food and young people getting down in sleeping bags.

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How The Recession Forever Changed Relationships

Examining the economic downturn's effects on how we find and show love. With strapped wallets, tightened belts and the national unemployment rate nearing double-digits, we can only hope that rumors of the recession's demise prove true—and soon. Here at YourTango, we wanted to know how the economic downturn in the U.S. has changed dating, marriage, sex and family already, and which of these changes will stick when the recession's over.

The Real Reason Couples Aren't Getting Married
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The Real Reason Couples Aren't Getting Married

Too cash-strapped to get married? You're certainly not alone. According to the Census Bureau, the population of never-marrieds exceeded the number of married folk for the first time in a century. These days, many couples aren't necessarily choosing to forgo the wedding and marriage vows because they consider the whole convention obsolete or unnecessary—they just don't have the funds to get hitched.

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Is Your Body Type In Right Now?

Two studies say Hollywood and Playboy subconsciously sculpt their ladies to fit a mold depending on the economy. According to two studies analyzing the faces and body shapes of famous actresses and models throughout the years, tough times call for ladies who look more "mature," taller, sturdier, and a bit heavier then when the economy is booming.

lipstick vs lip gloss
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6 Reasons Lip Gloss Beats Lipstick

According to the Office of National Statistics, lip gloss has replaced lipstick as the must-have on-the-go beauty item. The Daily Mail refers to this switch as "recessionista fashion," and BBC News points to it as a sign of inflation. But is the economy the real cause of gloss's new reign?

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Poll: How Has The Recession Affected Your Love Life?

Poll: How Has The Recession Affected Your Love Life?: Made it worse. My love life definitely suffered because of the economic downturn. Made it better. The recession improved my love life. No effect. My love life's had ups and downs, but the economy's not to blame.

Unemployed Libido
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Unemployment Good For Libido, If Nothing Else

If I'm any example, my layoff has sent my libido to frenzied new heights: The desire for humpin' and bumpin' didn't start the minute I lost my job. Like most over-achieving, over-educated, Type-A people, I had been told my whole life that the world was my pearl-stuffed oyster. I'd been informed that hard work and determination would take me far. So I had every reason to believe my current status as a jobless American would only be temporary. I would beat the odds.

Cheap Sex
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The Broke Person's Guide To Romance

I wouldn't go out with a guy who refused to spend resources—time, energy, effort or money—on our date. It's not about the ka-ching. It's about value. I deserve a life filled with excitement, happiness and sexual richness regardless of mine or my lover's bank account balance. In case you want the same, I enlisted a few friends and fellow writers of the sexy stuff to provide tips that pump up the heat without pushing out a lot of cash.

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Date On A Dime Without Looking Like A Cheap Skate

Let's face it: The economy may be improving, but blast that lagging economic indicator—unemployment is around to stay, at least for a little bit. And while you may have plenty of time on your hands, the reality is that, more likely than not, your pockets will be a little bit emptier than desired. Never fear, necessity is the mother of invention! And there are plenty of ways you can save money on a date (without looking like a cheap skate). Clever, low-cost date ideas will get you out and about in the world with your sweetheart and allow you to get to know each other better than any fancy-schmancy dinner could ever facilitate.

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What Married Woman Give Up During The Recession

Those who read this column know that I’ve been writing very personally about how the downturn has affected my relationship. In all honesty, I’m starting to fear that by focusing on what’s happening inside relationships, we may be losing sight of larger contexts—what could and should be happening in the structures that govern our lives.