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Poll: Should 'DWTS' Have Banned Same-Sex Partner Dances?

It's time to break out those dancing shoes again! The TV world is all abuzz with the upcoming premiere of the celebrity dance competition on Sept. 19, and especially with the announcement of the Season 13 cast this past Monday, ABC and Dancing With The Stars made history by casting Chaz Bono, its first transgendered contestant.

Sammie and Ronnie
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What Jersey Shore's Sammi & Ronnie Can Teach Us About Love

Some of the most difficult choices we are faced with have to do with those we love. There is a great power in choice, but sometimes it is incredibly difficult to know if we are making the right decision when it is a matter of pursuing or ending a relationship with someone who has our heart. You may be making excellent choices in nearly all areas of your life, but are you choosing well in love? How do you really know when it is time to call it quits?

Tia Mowry arrives at the premiere of Battle: Los Angeles.
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Tia Mowry Talks Motherhood and Marriage

Tia Mowry has a lot of "firsts" to be proud of. Two months ago, she and husband Cory Hardict welcomed their first child. The happy new mom is currently writing her first book on the journeys of motherhood, and her new reality show, "Tia and Tamera" (which she produces and stars in with twin sister Tamera) debuted as the Style network's most-watched series premiere ever.

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Could Kate Gosselin Be The Next Bachelorette?

It seems that Kate Gosselin's claim to fame—her family—may be all she has left after this season of her show ends. Her show Kate Plus 8 has been cancelled due to bad ratings. But it may not be the last time the reality star does reality TV.

Bachelor Pad Target
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Bachelor Pad Episode 2: Easy Targets

Last night's show started out with "High-Pitched Kasey" vowing to kick Jake to the curb. Will he succeed? Ask again in two hours. But first—a challenge! Aptly called "Target On Your Back," each lady was asked a question, which they got to answer via throwing a paint-filled egg at a dude. Chris Harrison threw out hard-hitting questions like: "Who do you want to see go home this week?" You can guess who got pelted with that answer. (Here's a hint: It was Jake.)

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Dear TLC: Thank You For Canceling Kate Plus 8! Love, All Women

Whatever hope last night's episode had to entertain was totally overshadowed by the news that broke earlier in the day … Kate Plus 8 is getting axed. After one lackluster episode into Season 2, it looks like Kate Gosselin's 15 minutes may finally be up. Of course, none of this was discussed on the show because it was shot months ago when Kate was still living under the delusion that she's interesting enough to sustain another season. (Though TLC was lightning-quick to create a little countdown icon in the lower corner to the show's finale.)

kourtney kardashian and scott disick
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Sick of Disick: Why Kourtney Kardashian Should Dump Scott Stat

I thought all the teasers for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians were just going to try to make us think that Scott Disick really started drinking again. They showed him heading off to host an event in Las Vegas, and sitting poolside asking, "What do you expect from me, it's Vegas?" I expected them to just be trying to trick us into believing that after almost a year of sobriety, he actually fell off the wagon. But fall he did.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Special On E! Will Last Four Hours!

As if we haven't seen and heard enough from the Kardashian Klan (remember that precious moment when Kourtney gave Khloe a bikini wax on their reality show? Or when Kim x-rayed her butt to prove it was real?), the E! network has decided to air a Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding special for four whole hours in a two-part TV event.