The Kardashians
Is one of the Kardashians is getting hitched?
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Kris Jenner's Planning A Wedding ... But Not Kim's!

Kris Jenner is planning a wedding but it is not Kim's! So who else is getting married? Could it be the new fashion It Girl, Kendall? Or is it the recently single Khloe? Maybe Kourtney finally decided to marry the father of her two children, Scott Dissick?

Have Carole and Aviva settled their ghostwriter feud?
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'RHONY' Stars Dish On Drama, Panty Lines & More!

We can always count on the 'Real Housewives of New York' to provide us with a dose of reality show TV drama! From Carole and Aviva's ghostwriter squabble, to Heather’s disgust with VPLs (that’s Visible Panty Lines), OK! Magazine caught up with the women to hear their side of events and catch up on their busy lives.

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie
"My aunt is a wedding dress designer and she's designing my dress," Scheana tells us.
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'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Marie Shares Details About Her Wedding

The drama-filled second season of Bravo's restaurant reality show 'Vanderpump Rules' recently wrapped, but Scheana Marie has plenty to keep her busy before things heat up at SUR again. The 28-year-old is simultaneously planning singing appearances and her July wedding to fiancé Mike Shay.

'The Bachelor'
Nothing says "dream date" like sharing a guy with three other women!
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16 Things You Can Learn About Dating From 'The Bachelor'

'The Bachelor'. You love it, you hate it, you love-hate it. Still, there's something about finding your soul mate by competing with 24 other gorgeous women that hooks us season after season. What did we learn from all those "most dramatic ever" rose ceremonies?

'The Bachelor's Andi Dorfman
We'd love to see this Georgia peach handing out the roses next season.
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9 Reasons Andi Dorfman Absolutely Needs To Be 'The Bachelorette'

When Bachelor contestant Andi Dorfman revealed that her time behind closed doors in the fantasy suite with Juan Pablo wasn't such a fantasy after all, we were intrigued by her honesty. And when she proceeded to read him the riot act on all the a-hole moves he's been pulling all season long, almost every woman in America wanted to become her best friend.