Don't be these two.
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Quiz: Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

You know that couple — the one that checks each other's email, answers each other's cell phones, and formulates opinions as a pair ("We're so over Wholefoods!"). Maybe — horror of horrors! — you've even been in that relationship. Regardless, it's important to find a balance between independence between independence and intimacy.

Where do you two fall?
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Quiz: What Classic Movie Couple Are You?

We've all grown up yearning for the type of love we see on screen, comparing ourselves to the classic stories and couples that shaped our fantastical and romantic natures. Which on-screen favorites are most like you and your significant other? Take our quiz to find out!

planetary personality
It's written in the stars ... literally.
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Quiz: Are You A Match Made In Heaven?

Move over, zodiac signs. Planetary personality profiles are much more revealing. Take the following quiz to better understand who you are and who you would be best matched with according to cosmic compatibility.