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young relationships

Published on February 22, 2013 by johanne100

Im 20 years old and I've ben dating this boy for about 6 month now. I really like him and he's so sweet and wonderful to me, but i have been feeling torn because a part of me longs to be single. I'm so young and sometimes feel i should enjoy being single. I love being on my own and having the freedom to talk to other boys. My independence is really important to me and i don't know if i really like being anyone's girlfriend. but at the same time I really care for this boy and I've never liked someone so much before. I don't want to throw away a good thing, but i don't want to keep struggling with this. So, should i ignore these thoughts of doubt and tell myself I'm being stupid, or should i break things off because I'm just not ready for a serious relationship?


Committing in to a relationship out of fear that you might be letting a good thing slip away is always a bad thing - you'll always be wondering what you're missing and resentful of him because you "settled" for something less than you could have. If you feel like you're giving up you freedom to be with him, either he isn't the right one for you, or you're not ready for commitment to ANYONE yet. Anyway, if you're feeling committing to him means your giving something up rather than gaining something that makes you feel more whole, you'll be doing yourself and him a great disfavor to try and force yourself.