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Yet Another Complicated Relationship!!!

Published on December 6, 2010 by anna111704

Recently in my life a friendship of over a year turned into something more.....he has been there for me through my hardest and saddest days in my life and the more time we spend together now turned into love he told me hes in love with me but with a huge issue in between us hes no longer with the mother of his child but still lives with her because of the fact he doesnt want to loose his son .....hes been torn about leaving his 18 month old son and i dont blame him but this situation has been taking a hard burden on me i feel like im breaking up a home but he always assures me that they have been fighting for over 2 years and things got really bad so he stays in the living room they spend most of the time apart or fighting...i cant tell him to leave her because of their child but its frustrating me... im loosing sleep and i cant spend time with him due to the fact that she doesnt know about us because of his scare of her leaving ...i tried to leave but he said he wont ever let me go that we should be together and i felt very confident about that until recently i lost that confidence and assurance and now im confused i dont know if i should continue  fighting a battle i probobly wont win or walk away and have a regret...they are getting ready to move to a bigger place and re sign a lease and i feel like im the fool he playing games and im just missing it or can this really be everything i ever wanted...HELP!!!!


hmmm ; Sometime's Its About Trustinq Yuhr Partner , but Not Givinq Him The full Advatage To Play Game's. It's Good His There For His Son ; & Maybe Yuh & Him & his Son Should Get More Together & for Him To Talk To his Baby's Mother ; Although Maybe She Wont Understand . she Has To Understand That She Should Give Him His Freedom & he Has the Right To Be There For His Son Although There Not Togetheer. And Just Be Carefull Not To Look Like A foool , Sit & talk to him & Since You've Know Him For quite sometimes yuh should no weather or not yuh trust him. What Kind Of Person He Is. Well That Was A liddo Just Know & Listen To Yuhr Instings.