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Would you go back to dating your exboyfriend?

Published on February 9, 2012 by blondie40

Hi, I've met this guy about 20 years ago, and dated him for about a year and a half. Then I broke it off with him, and I haven't had any contact or have not see him sinc the break up. But lately for the last 2 weeks I've been having some deep feelings for him, and wanting to get back together with him. I've been also geting feelings that he also wants to rekindle the relationship as well. Or, he feels the same way about me. These are the feelings I am getting from him. PLEASE HELP? I don't know what to do. I've have done some research and having been looking for him all over the country, and I have located him either in florida or he either still lives in louisiana. I mean again, I'm the one that broek it off with him but now I feel that I really didn't finish breaking it off with him. Or, I don't feel that it's over between us or not. I mean, I truly deeply still love this guy with all of my heart. What should I do? Thank you very much for your prompt assistance!


People come into and leave our lives for a reason. If you are experiencing strong feeling about him, then contact him. Make sure you don't do so with the intention of starting up where you left off. Contact him because you have feelings for him and want to see how he is. You may have a wonderful conversation and realize a friendship is all that's there. There also might be more. Just be sure NOT to project some outcome on the reunion. Doing so will get in the way of finding out what is TRULY possible.

Hello from Montana,

Yes, I would look for him, but lower the expectations of a forever love. Go into it looking to renew an old friendship. If he is married then include his family, do not make it so intense. If you are supposed to be together, it will happen, but do not force it or break up his family.

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Hi from New Orleans,

Thank you very much for your reply. ok, I have looked for him, and have found him recently. It seems to me that he is living alone somewhere in florida. All I see is his immediate family like his mother, father, and siblings but I don't think I see a wife or and kids. But I am going to really do some searching on it to see if he's really married or not with kdis, andif he is I am going to renew an old friendship, and include his family. Yes, you are very right. If we are suppose to be together, it will happen. Oh no, i could never break up him and his family.

Ok, thanks for your website! I will definitely check it out. Thannks again for your prompt assistance and answering my question.

Shannon Bax

Yes, that is true. Ok, I will try to contact him. Yes, you are so very right. Oh, I don't think that if there is something there between us we can start wehere we left off. But maybe start over. Or, start off fresh all over again. Thanks very much for your advice.

Hi Miss Judy,

I just wanted to write you to inform you that I have some good news and bad about my search of finding my ex boyfriend. Well, I did find him on yesterday. and I was also able to get in contact with him by phone call, and the reunion was very very nice. But now, the bad news. I did find out that he is married with 2 kids vut I think he has only been married for 7 or 10 years. I never got the chance to ask him but that's okay with me. Because, I really think thatI have moved on with my life like he has. But I really think that we can remain really good friends, and a few hours after we hung up from the phone he looked me up on, and he sent me an email on there. So, I'm just gonna play it by ear, take it from there, and see what happens from there. But I just had to share that with you. Thanks for listening.

Shannon Bax