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Would You Ever Lie To Win Over A Guy?

Published on January 31, 2011 by yourtango

Would you ever fib about something to get a guy to like you? Take sports, for example. He's a football fan and the Super Bowl is coming up—would you pretend you were into football so he'd think you were cool? 

If you've ever made something up to impress a guy, tell us about it! Either way, let us know: What do you think about lying to win someone over?


Nope cause you can only carry on the lie for so long. Eventually you're caught. I wouldn't like it if a guy told me that he was into something I was in just to win me over. I expect that someone will not like everything that I like and I don't have to have everything in common with them. It's better to have some differences because then you're exposed to new experiences that maybe you wouldn't have been before.

If you have to pretend to be someone you're not to get someone to like you then they're not worth having,so NO!

Only inasmuch as we put our handsome side forward when we begin a relationship. Also, periodically we give compliments and opinions that are not 100% genuine and that "lying" will likely continue for the length of a relationship.

Also, I love Nick Swardson. More of him in the Sandler films.