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Would you date someone your friend was in a relationship with/ sexual active with?

Published on October 5, 2010 by 2fareal

I never been in this situation but i wonder sometimes why people might consider it or why they wouldn't. I asked a few friends these were there comments:

That's a big nope.. For me its the unwritten rule of friendship. Also, I wouldn't want to talk too or be with anyone my friend's been with. I couldn't get pass that thought. Plus, I wouldn't like that done to me. Situations like that can alter and ruin a friendship. - Shardae

Lol, it depends on the status of the friendship... If your close friends, that never hang out and stuff, maybe. -Jojo

Plz, tell me what you think....


Why on earth would anyone want to consider something like that?! No,I definitely would NOT! And I pray that you will be wise enough to not do it either because I promise this will not bring you anything but,heartache! God has someone special that he designed for YOU only and if you'll be patient and wait for His timing,that person WILL come along. You'll be in my prayers.

I have done this and my friends have done this. I think if you go to your friend and politely say you have feelings for their ex, and are asking if they would be uncomfortable in any way if you pursued anything, then that's a smart way to go. There has been a couple times my friend has said they'd be completely uncomfortable, and if that happens, then YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THAT. If they say it's fine, ask them if they're really sure because you wouldn't want to do anything to upset them and/or ruin your relationship. Make sure you communicate that your friendship with them means more than the guy ever could. I am usually fine with it if my friend comes up to me and asks first. There has been one time when a really close friend of mine was hooking up with my ex behind my back, and we haven't really talked since. I would have told her it was alright if she would have just come to me first. There are a few guys, usually with bad breakups, that I would say no to, or at least communicate to my friend why we broke up and what the problems were, ESPECIALLY if he cheated on me. (I'm not one to bad-mouth boyfriends, and if they did something like that, I wouldn't tell anyone but my closest friend. But if someone is considering dating him, that is something I would warn them about.) Bottom line, I would (and I expect my friends to, as well) ask before anything else. If they're not comfortable (for ANY REASON), it's time to let go and not pursue.

lo- i wouldnt do that, whether i am close to his ex or not the fact that i know that person is enough for me to say no!!!!!!!!

I know I never could. My friends and I are all very open with each other about our sex lives and we know a lot of details. I could never get involved with someone that has been with a friend. Also, my friends and I all have very different taste in men, so I don't see it ever being an issue for us. If everyone in the situation is ok with it, then I don't see the problem. But I just could never be ok with it. I wouldn't want to date a friend's ex or have them date one of mine. I also wouldn't want to date and ex's friend.