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would u get upset if u find out you're gf/bf has two different email account?

Published on September 11, 2009 by tropical lady

I have an LDR relationship for 6months now,the only thing we can communicate is through computer chatting and over the phone..recently,i notice something difference,like something has changed that made me thinking of creating a new account just to fish in with him,so anyway he accepted the invitation and asking question like where did u get my email adress but that was it..i keep IM him with that new account but i never get any response so i,it's not what i thougt it is until one day we talked my two accounts we're open and he asked me why i had to accounts at first i lied but i can't get away with it so until i gave in..he was so upset abt it,what's the big deal?he won't even talk with me..anyone pls.i need advise pls..


It's not the idea of having two email accounts in itself that made him angry. He is angry because you were "fishing" him and he seen that clearly as you not trusting him. From that aspect I'd be pretty hurt also if I was in his shoes.

You need to sit down and talk to him and really get out in the open why you did that. You need to lay everything out and maybe you can work through this with him.

sometimes you need a second account to access your primary account but really I know what you are saying do you really want to know, or in knowing will it be that painful? maybe just get it over with and move on

I have three email accounts all told and my husband has three also. I ddin't know one was still active, but guess what? When I found out it was active, I didn't get mad because having separate email accounts does not make us mad.

What got your BF upset is 1) your lying 2) your lack of trust in him. And he has every right to be upset. Why were you "fishing" with him, for 6 months. Before you can make him not upset you need to recognize what you did wrong. It's not about the email, its about the lack of trust and the lies.

Unless you can fess up and face up, move on.

After the fact you know now that your being deceptive caused this rift, so now its a waiting game on your part to allow him to refocus or choose other reasons to still communicate with you. Some people may shut down all correspondence with you and they have every right to. At this point you have below a 50/50 chance the long distance relationship will survive. But if your honest, sincere and you tell them you were really just being a woman, its whats women do, not all but curiousity got the best of you. then if he is mature and dont hold grudges he'll let you make it up to him, and /or you should ask and recommend you'd do anything to right this wrong,( dinner, pay for a travel ticket) so you can squash the beef. But the ball is in his field as how he wants to deal with you from here on out.

If you don't have trust in a relationship, why have it? Besides, you admitted you lied to him...that, IMO, is not cool & he has every reason to be upset. I have many email did my ex...that doesn't mean either of us were cheating...TRUST.