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Work Crisis

Published on December 11, 2012 by mango22

How can I tell if my co-worker/boss is interested in me? I started at my current job a year and a half ago and we started off as friends and just giving each other advice, but now we talk on the phone all the time and text a lot. We hangout outside of work and go to lunch together during work. He always makes comments that make me think he likes me and then he will turn around and say things that make me think he isn't interested and we are just friends. We flirt a lot while at work and people assume we are dating, but others assume he is taking advantage of me because I help him with other things like his daughter, shopping etc. How can I tell if he likes me and if he does how can I let him know I'm interested as well and become more than co-workers/friends? If he isn't interested in me how do I move on from him while still working with him?


VERY bad idea to date or get romantically involved with your boss (for that matter - flirting with one's boss isn't such a great idea either). Your company may well have a policy against dating a coworker with whom you have a boss subordinate relationship (they ban it for very good reasons!), and HR may go so far as to fire one or both of you if they become aware of it.

Frankly ask your boss what kind of relationship he anticipates you two having. If he indicates a non-romantic relationship, suggest you and he need to tone down your behavior because it is crossing the line and giving the appearance of impropriety. If he DOES want to pursue a romantic relationship, you two need to cool your jets until you are no longer boss and subordinate at work. One of you will need to either leave the company, or at least transfer to a different department so you are no longer in his chain of command.