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Women trying to cause problems for me and my fiance

Published on March 7, 2013 by hisoneandonly

Me and fiance have been together almost 2 years now, and when we first met he was divorced. His so-called best friend came to him when he was at his weakest and asked him to give her his sperm so that she could have a baby of her own, (her reason being that she didnt want ugly children, seems very shallow to me). My fiance always wanted a son, and his friend new this,also because she is in love with him, and she refuses to get it through her head that he views her like a sister, and she acts like his mom.his ex wife had cheated on him and he was devastated and thats when she asked him about the sperm, so feeling sorry for her he gave it to her,and not the (normal way), and he signed all the rights away. Around this time we got together and he told me about it, and at first there was nothing that i could have said because it was before me and our time so i didn't think much of it, but she eventually ended up miscarriaging. When the subject was brought up again, he told her that he did not want to have children with someone that he was not with and he asked her not to try again because he was in a committed relationship and he is in love. We now have a beautiful little boy that is 6 months old and we are so happy and him even more because he has the son that he always wanted out of love. We soon find out that she went against his wishes and had the vitro semination done again, and had the gene split to have a boy, that she is tryingt to name after my fiance we are not happy about it. She is in love with my soon to be husband and this is her way of trying to be a constant part of his life, because when she first had the procedure done it was supposed to be her child and he was not going to have any part in it, now she is trying to get him involved and i just cant see myself dealing with this type of issue, because she is trying to have a baby and make a family with a man that already has one, and i dont think that it is right. I think that is is very disrespectful because she was asked not to do this because she knows of our relationship and our son, and she doesnt care. She is trying to start problems and i love my fiance with all my heart and i wouldnt ever deny him anythin that makes him happy under the eyes of God, but he is not happy with the situation either,what do we do, because he said that he is not going to be apart of the childs life but how do I as his soon to be wife deal with her constant interference?