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For Women Only!

Published on March 1, 2010 by waterlillyxx

Do you ever feel as if you could leave and hate ur man one day then the next you love him and wanna spend the rest of ur life with him? Well i thought that there was just something wrong with our relationship until i started talking to other couples and theyhave said that it is a work in process thing and 95% of the time it is the women who has to controlthe whole thingso my question is what do you is this how ur relationships are too?or rouhgly the same? lol just asking more outta boredom then anything!


No that's not my experience. Sure there are some days when I want a break, but I don't hate him one day and love him the next and neither one of us holds more power in the relationship. And neither one of us things that it is my job to control how things go. We both have control and we both are responsible for our own actions and responses.

Relationships are a work in progress though and it is important that you continually work at it.

Well i don't really hate him i just didn't know how to say that part! but yeah i wish i felt that he controled his part lol it feels as if i have to force him to be in control of his part ! lol but ty for ur respond!