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A woman doesn't put her tongue in your mouth unless she likes you right?

Published on May 1, 2009 by oddoc12174

I met a woman on one of the dating sights. We went out 4 times over 5 weeks. Each date longer and better than the last. We talked..we got each other, and seemed to be on the same page on so many things. Date 3 we kissed, and she put her tongue in my mouth first. The last date, she came to my place, because I was watching my Niece. We went to lunch, then to the park. When we got back to my place, she decided she wanted to leave. Ok, who want's to hang out on a date with a 7 years old. I kissed her goodbye, and again, she put her tongue in my mouth first. I walked to her car, and we kissed again. Three days later, i got an e-mail from her saying that she can't see me anymore. She just got out of a relationship, and isn't ready to get into another one, and that seems to be where we are headed. She said that I'm a really great guy, a real catch, but she has things going on in her life that she needs to take care of. I waited a week, and sent her a text message..."Friends?". She quickly responded with " I'd like that :)". We've started e-mailing again, but In a another e-mail, she again said that I'm a great guy. I know she had a hard time last time around. It seemed to me that she just got spooked, but from my experience, when a woman says "You're a great guy usually means that friends is all you can be. Is there still a chance for Romance, or should I move on?


I think it sounds like she likes you but was scared of getting involved. She's saying she's not ready for anything serious, so maybe you should move on.

Before you decide to move on try and get a few things really clear in your head. If you really like her and you past experience in dating dictates that she is also a really good catch then maybe you should wait around. Getting out of a bad relationship or a bad break-up is no easy thing and can take time to get over. She may have just been with you because she really needed the company. She may have been with you because she likes you a lot and is really conflicted right now because she hasn't processed everything that happened in her previous relationship. If you feel she can be honest with you in saying that right now she can only handle being your friend, but maybe there is a chance for something more then you have to decide if its worth waiting for. At the best it means that you'll develop a really strong friendship which is always a great place to be in for a relationship. At the worst, if you can really just be her friend right now and place no expectations on her to have something more with you later then you'll probably just end up with a really great friend. Its a tricky place to be in, as I've been there before. The key is being honest with yourself about your intentions and deciding what you need to do for yourself, for your needs. If it works out for the best the rewards can be worth the wait. But you really just need to be her friend and expect nothing more for now. Its your choice.

Tongue-kissing is not a sign of commitment. If she is pulling away, it's time to move on.