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Will This Work

Published on February 1, 2013 by lifepursuit

I have been talking to this guy for the last five years. We met in college and we both were just looking for someone to spend time with, nothing serious because school and other commitments on campus. After college, we were trying to getting ourselves together professionally and now 3 yrs later I feel that we are settle in the area. Throughout the years there was talks about seeing this progress into a relationship. Currently, I am feeling that we should be in route to relationship or going our seperate ways. When I ask him, his responses are anything is possible, I think about use being in a relationship, I would like to do this at my own pace and not feel rush. I feel we connection and anything I try to split he find his way back because he claims he genuinely cares for me. He can see himself marrying me but just not now. I am wondering if I am wasting my time with him, or should I give him that extra space. Neither one of us is getting any younger and I spend half of my 20's with him.