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Will my boyfriend ever ask me to marry him?

Published on April 20, 2009 by clairehughes76

We have been together for almost a year and are expecting a daughter in July. He says that he loves me more than anything, I'm his world and he doesn't want to spend time away from me (when we are not at work or school). To tell you the truth I feel the same way about him. When we first met (blind date) we literally felt that we had known each other much longer. We enjoy practically the same things and have a similar sense of humor. My daughters absolutely love him and he feel's the same about them. He is an awesome father figure to them. I could see spending the rest of my life with him and feel's the same way. When I went to have my former married name removed and my maiden name put back he wanted me to spend the extra money and time to change my last name to his. I was honored but in a way I was hurt because he did not want to do this through getting married. I know that he hates ceremonies and would rather do this in front of a judge (I am the same way). But I am wondering how long will I have to wait?


I was in the same situation with you. I once asked him, but instead of getting an answer all I did was pressure him more. Whenever he's ready, he'll pop the question. At least you are certain that he wants to be with you. He feels you're part of him, giving the last name is something important. Don't put any pressure that something that is only paper, you love each other time will tell what happens!

You have only been together for a year. And that's not that long for some people. I think just letting him go at his own pace and get there when he's ready is something you need to do. It's hard, but pressuring a guy to get married ALWAYS backfires.

Wow. You've been together for a year and are expecting a child together? I can't imagine that. I was with someone for 2 years before I got engaged, and was engaged for a year before I broke up with him for a total of 3 years and I never thought about actually getting married. Before my most recent ex, I was in an on-again-off-again relationship for 2.5 years before we broke up. A year just simply isnt enough time for me to get to know someone well enough to marry them, and I believe in living with someone before marriage to know if you can actually put up with that person full-time.

I guess if you're ready you should just ask him... Since you've been through at least one divorce before, it might be better to just leave well enough alone because you know you'd be entering into a legal contract with him.

girl just ask him you know what ya want and you need to ask him and find out if he wants the same!!! i hope this helps