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will me and my "ex" ever get back together?

Published on May 10, 2010 by bridgetocheese

me and my ex were going out for a while then things got crazy with school and other stuff and our relationship got rocky. then we decided to take a "break" so i could we could just relax for a bit. but now he has decided that he doesnt want to be in a realationship right now so we are just really good friends but i still love him so much. i dont know what to do because everytime i try and bring up "us" he doesnt want to talk about it. i want to know what to do with him and see if we are ever going to be together again. also if we arent going do i get over him???


Well, if he isn't interested in talking about you two as a couple it seems pretty clear that he is not interested in getting back together. I think you need to stop thinking of the break as temporary and start to process it as a permanent situation. And if necessary, distance yourself from your ex for as long as you need to get the space and perspective on the situation.