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will it work?

Published on April 22, 2009 by cowgirlup

basicly me and my best friend in the whole world moved wayyy to quickly into a realtionship.... only a bit after a month of dating he asked me to marry him. He has always said that he does not see himself with anyone but me... and i am absolutly perfect for him in every way possible. he is litterally everything i want in a forever realtionship but we recently hit a bump in the road. we talked about how we are both still young and need to live life before we settle down forever together. so he broke of the engagement and we are now "just friends" with the intintions of moving slowly into being together again. but recently i have noticed him acting a bit odd so i have distanced myself just so if things dont work out then i wont be heartbroken and we can still be as good of friends as we have always been. but i have asked him about the way he has been acting but i guess i just dont ask in the right way because as soon as i say something he gets a bit defensive and it always seems to end in frustration. he said he wasnt doing aything wrong and has always told me if i had any doubts i could look at any emails or whatever which i never did because i trust him more then anyone. but with noticing the difference in him i just started to wonder a bit and i never wanted to be the crazy psyco to go looking at emails and stuff but in a way i was worried and i really really regret having looked. what i saw crushed me to the core and now i dont know what to think about the whole situation. he had sent out many emails to a bunch of girls and in everyone mentioned how pretty they were... which doesnt bother me that much considering i do know there are gorgous women out there... but then i got to one that made me realize i dont think things will ever be the same between us... he has ALWAYS called me his "princess" and said no one will ever ever be able to have that nickname besides me... and in an email to one girl he asked her if she would be "his princess"... i plan on talking to him about this because im not going to make it into a big deal if its not what it seems.... but some how i dont think there is any other way to look at that.... i realize we are on a break right now but he is constantly saying how he thinks he made a mistake by having us go on a break but i insist it is for the best because we both need to mature a bit in order to have a working relationship and he has been wanting to ask me out again but he knows i want to wait a bit longer.... and we talk daily and he seems to think everything is going great... but now that i saw the emails... it makes me question his motives.... i really dont know if he is who i thought he was... but my question is after i talk to him about this... obviously he will make it seem like its ok but i really dont know if it is this time.... do you think i should keep moving slowly forword with him or just move on?... any advice will be great thanks!


If you want to stay with him. stay and move forward slowly. It sounds like he is holding off because he realizes marriage is a BIG responsibility (he's right). If you want to stay with him stay! But don't hold back. Either your all in or your all out. It sounds like you're having trouble taking what he says at face value and would rather believe that his hesitancy is all about you or another girl. If you can trust him, than that is just paranoid thinking. He's right! You both need to mature and if he's the man for you, do it together. If not then move on.