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Will he ever give me a chance?

Published on January 1, 2012 by sofiya

I'm a girl in love with a guy who thinks himself unable to fall in love, and has decided to remain single for the rest of his life. We are both in our twenties I guess someone has broken his heart in the past. When I first met him it was just physical attraction, but now that I know him better I've grown fond of him. He has become my dearest friend, and I know that he also appreciates me as a friend.He asked why I don't try to find a boyfriend. I have a low self esteem, and I'm too shy to tell him the truth. If he knew I liked him he would probably hate me. He says he hates attention (however, he's a very friendly guy with a huge circle of acquaintances!).

I would do anything to be by his side, I feel so sad... :-(


When a man tells you how he wants to live his life, don't assume you can change him or his feelings, no matter how awesome you are. For the good of your future, work on building your self esteem by reading books from the library on this subject. Confidence is the best attractor if you want a potential boyfriend. Take up a new hobby. Take cooking lessons, dance lessons, etc. Talk to yourself in a positive way (your inner thoughts). You'll get in the habit of doing this if you work at it. If it's a boyfriend you want, take steps to achieve that goal. Your friend will never be more than a friend, so don't expect otherwise. Don't put your life on hold waiting for someone who has told you straight up what the deal is. Good luck.