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will he come back?

Published on October 31, 2013 by ccmay560

me & my boyfriends relationship was everything a girl dreamed of. he was the best boyfriend I ever had. I graduated last year & my boyfriends a senior this year. he lives about 45 min from me. his parents are strict & don't allow him to do much. he had a previous ex of 2 years who I didnt worry about until one night she sent me a friend request on fb purposely. I saw that she had been to his house because she took pics with his sisters. I was so hurt but he begged me and told me he didn't know she was coming his mom invited her. that he went hunting, he didn't want her only me. so I took him back. since that I always questioned myself & kind of went crazy. his mom & her are close.. but his dad & step mom can't stand her. his mom has him mon-wed so he would be able to see her if he wanted & his dads thurs- sun. that drove me crazy! after that everything went pretty good we had our ups and downs & he faught for me every SINGLE time. he would cry if I was to leave him or when he would talk about how much he loved me. until one day I thought he was going to leave me he said he needed to think about things because we had been fighting a lot & couldnt see each other much. the reason we had been fighting is because he was becoming distant so I became that way but it was making us both think it was something or someone else. he has a hard life & for me not so much. it doesn't bother me that he's not rich. but he told me I deserved better that he wasnt the person I thought he was I totally disagreed but he said he needed space during that time to see what all he has & doesn't. he wants to go to school for college in another state for 7 months & return back & so we can start our future but he was thinking hard on that to. some of the way he worded things it seemed like he wanted me to break up with him but didn't have the will to do it himself. but how could I leave? I loved him & wasnt about to. I didn't contact him or anything just let him have his space he finally realized he wanted me I had really found God during my time of need & he helped me so much during that time. I told him the only way I would take him back is if he could accept that & seek God with me that i thought it would be the only way to make our relationship stronger is through God. I took him back even after he hurt me. I just felt like as a couple days passed we were right where we were before maybe I was thinking this because we dont get to see each other often. I asked if we were going to hangout this weekend & he said I'll probably be working.. so I said so we won't be able to he said prolly not. I said well idk. he said sorry. but I know he has time too hangout.. & then that's when it just shot out of me I told him I didn't know how things were going to work.. I broke up with him. I didn't mean it.. but I thought he would realize & run back. I didn't talk to him. I put pics on fb & he texted me & said seems your happy with your pics on fb must be nice. I didn't reply. I wanted him too see that he lost me & beg for me back! I just wanted too feel wanted.. I was craving for him to show me without telling him & causing a fight & it pushing him away. so I finally realized when he changed his pic on fb we were over & what I did.. so the next morning I messaged him & said I was sorry that we both say stupid stuff that's what we do. & that it's not over. I told him that we had so many memories that I loved him still & we've both hurt each other & he said that we were done that I hurt him bad & he had cried all last night & yesterday. I told him I have to & that it wasn't over was it? & he said he didn't want anything to just focus on school. so I said are you telling me were done for good to move on because were never getting back together. & he said I don't know about ever but I'm not getting back with you right now I'm scared & hurt & tired of the crying. I told him that I was scared to that was why I broke up with him, I said please just tell me you love me. he said I do but I can't date right now. I never replied back I mean what was I supposed to say.. he obviously wasn't taking me back today or anytime soon. that whole time he kept that he was still in a relationship with me but now it's gone. so I tried to make it seem like it didn't bother me on fb but at the same time it does. I just don't want to seem needy & clingy but yet I want him back please help me what do I do!!! I got in snapchat & can see who he's recently snap chatting & his ex was in the top 3.. he always said he wouldn't take her back & stuff but idk now. what do I do?!?!?! I want him to come back on his own without pushing him away with being clingy.


If you want him back you need to stop playing games and coming up with ways to try to lure him back to you. Just be upfront. He may have only started talking to her because of the drama between you two, and you breaking up with him.

Also, if his mom and his ex are friends, you can not stop that and there's nothing you can do. That is between his mom and her. The best thing you can do is stop being upset about it, respect that that's their right, and work out things with him. Trust him and stop being paranoid. Find out what's going on now with him talking to her if you guys are going to get back together.

If things are too badly damaged between the two of you, you need to let him go and stop checking up on him in snapchat. He may have only wanted you but you let him go, so he went back to someone who was supporting him. But you will drive yourself crazy if you keep checking up on him.

Call him, tell him the truth and figure it out. If you don't get back together, accept it and move on. Stop checking up on him and cyber stalking him for your own sanity.