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Why would my ex still bother about me & want to keep in touch?

Published on March 1, 2013 by ariadr

So this thing has been going on for years. We met each other, started to have feelings for each other, got into a relationship, and then after 3 months we both ended everything. I mean, we didn't really break up because we were unsure about our relationship status during that time. It's just that he stopped contacting me. But 2 months after that he contacted me back, and we stopped doing so again after 2 weeks. And then for a year and a half we never, NEVER contacted each other although we bumped into each other once during that period of time. So I thought we both were completely over each other back then.

However, we met each other again during an occasion, and he kept looking at me the whole time even though I tried to avoid him. During that time, it's been 2 years and a half since we knew each other. He even told my best friend that he wanted to approach me after the event ended, but he didn't have the courage to because he was afraid I would ignore him. He also asked my best friend about things which are related to me. I mean, HE was the one who dumped me... well, kinda. So why would he want to keep in touch?

And during end of the year, we accidentally met each other again. That time we finally made eye contact after a long time so he gathered up his courage and just said a simple "Bye" while smiling at me since I was walking pass him. I just smiled in return anyway, can't avoid him the whole time. Few days after that, he sent me a message on Facebook asking how I was doing & such, so we just had a short conversation.

The thing is, why would he want to keep in contact few years after he stopped contacting me in the first place? The last time I checked, he was crushing hard on this one girl before he knew me, still crushing hard on her when he was with me, even up until now he's still liking the girl despite everything but she just thinks of him as a friend and she sometimes ignores him. So because of that, I backed off from the relationship because I don't think he's worth fighting for since he likes the girl SO MUCH. He's just so confusing. Why would he want to act like everything is alright between us both? Why would he ask my best friend about things regarding me? WHY WOULD HE BOTHER ABOUT ME? The last time I checked, he'd rather choose that girl whom he likes over me. Does he feel uncomfortable/guilty because he thinks that he left me hanging? Or is it because he just wants to keep me as a friend?

p/s: The whole thing got nothing to do with the he-wants-sex or something, for sure. And please don't ask me to get the answer from him because I just can't, so that's why I'm asking for your opinions. Would appreciate even a simple answer from you guys :)


He either is still interested in you, and is being extremely awkward about broaching the subject with you. Or, he is just a nice guy who really wants to know how life is turning out for you. Sometimes, it's just that simple.

Or, he is gaming you. Men are simple. When they like you, they pursue you. If they are unsure, it takes them a few months (not two years) When they approach you two years later, they are looking for an ego boost. I've seen this a hundred times, men and women do this (some don't even know they are doing it) But they absolutely are, and you will absolutely be wasting your time... You fed his ego enough 2 years ago. Remind yourself that you are worth more than that... We can also be very weak, telling ourselves all kinds of stories to corroborate the things he is saying. His actions have spoken WAY louder.... Listen to them... There is a man out there who will know you are the one, and you will be his fist choice... Good luck!