I'm not sure. You'd have to ask him. A lot of people have more odd fetishes, I suppose its like any of those. I think it relates to the idea of domination, subjugation and S&M. It's a facet of wanting to be dominated and humiliated.

The true reason men enjoy peeing on a woman is for the following reasons this dates Back thousands of years this is a ritual where a man would pee on a woman in order to take ownership of her, this ritual is a reward to a woman in a man's view. This is not a form of humiliation however some people do we use it as a form of humiliation and power. The truth a man wants to pee on his woman is because of this will take control of her, it will enable him to feel the power that he owns his woman. This is an act of dominance and submission. When a man pees On his woman is to take control of her for power and Ownership. In the beginning stages of this a couple known by nature as a dominant male and a submissive woman will learn this in a period of stages. It is an acquired learning experience. The woman in the beginning feels why does he do this? As time progresses and the man pees on his woman she in turned realizes she is submissive to him and she is now owned by him. This learning experience becomes more in depth, she starts to enjoy this and as time passes this is something she enjoys immensely and requires it. Once a man starts to teach his submissive that this is power and a form of togetherness she then enjoys this so much that it is then required. After this transition point takes place for a period of time a couple will usually go into the next dimension of sex. This means the Mandane every day lifestyle of vanilla sex changes to a point where power has taken control and the form of sex is enhanced enormously. As time passes the sent of the urine on a person will remain and this becomes a stimulant, it will remain on the person for a while and they begin to enjoy this. I as a manI also enjoy a woman to urinate on me I love the taste the fragrance and the Feeling of it. I love the sound of a woman when she peas also. My favorite is when I am in a 69 position with a girl who I am emotionally, sexually and mentally connected to. After a woman urinates I enjoy licking their clit and tasting the pungent taste. Yes I have come across women that think I am bizarre, I am a very normal well-adjusted Healthy mail. My ego is intact however my form of sexuality is above the every day Mandane life as most peopleI know . My best sexual partners have been women I have Peeed on and taking control of our emotional relationship. Once I have peed on a woman and they acquired the Learning experience of it I have then become the owner of that woman. It may not sound proper to say but the woman will never forget you the rest of her life. The memory will most likely remain in a good form. I hope I have shared some of this with people who are interested In learning the real reason men enjoy peeing on a woman. Bruce Sent from my iPhone