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why would he want to keep the picture if it's over

Published on February 27, 2012 by shakiera

recently talked to my ex, after four weeks of us breaking up, he texted me on valentine day saying he was thinking about me. Days later I called him and I told him I had some things he left at my house and could I get my picture I gave him of me and my daughter back. He said yea give him an hour or two to get himself together so four hours pass I ask him am I getting my picture he says he lost it! Wtf. why would why he tell me he had it then say he lost it? Then says he's mad that he lost it! Wtf... I cursed him something terrible because that picture was a gift I gave him of me and my daughter. he texts back,"Yo I have the picture I said that so u wouldn't ask for it back your mean."


You sound like a real back biter. It amazes me that he would want to keep it after that.

Maybe the picture just reminds him of good times or he may have gotten attached to your daughter. It's just a picture and if it was a gift then there is no reason for him to have to give it back.