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Why wont my girlfriend kiss me?

Published on May 2, 2009 by uncertainguy

I have been with my current girlfriend since Febuary of this year. We have an amazing relationship like nothing I've ever had before. We have great, stimulating conversations and share a lot of interests. However, it should also be noted that I am her first boyfriend. She has never explored this type of relationship, and therefore, is a bit nervous about some aspects of this type of relationship. I have only attempted to kiss her once. (It ended with her smiling calmly, but backing away in just the right way that said "no way" without being mean.) Since then, I have tried not to even mention anything "physical" with her, for fear of creating an uncomfortable situation for her. I do not think that kissing would make or break our relationship, as simply talking to her is enough. However, I do think that a few private moments here and there, would add a wonderful spice to our relationship. So, if anyone would care to help, how should i introduce a physical element to our relationship without making her uncomfortable?


So esentialy you and her are really good friends who enjoy eachothers company and hang out alot at this point in time? She is ok with this but you would like a bit more then a friendship? I recently had this same issue with a guy that I have been friends with for about a year. He had never done anything with a girl and he was 20 years old! I started by letting my hugs linger longer then usual. A kiss on the cheek here or there, eventually I got him to cuddle during movies. Then one blessed night we started wrestling over a stuffed animal or something and as we were laying there entangled with eachother I gave him a small kiss on the lips and waited for his response. It worked for me. Just try getting close in small ways first and work up to the kiss.

im now in a relationship that has lasted 2 yrs. it is also his first relationship ever,like you. he was a virgin in every way possible. i have had a previous engagement that lead to a heartbreak so its not so new to me. Anyway, we have great communication and a sex, but i always have to ask for a hug, kiss, and sex. and i was the one who wanted to have sex his first time, i didnt know he was a virgin. before i didnt like kissing, swapping spit and bad breath and so on. but when you are so in love with another every kiss just blows you away and its hard to break away. maybe she just needs time. or she could be like me, WAITING. women love (or at least me) to feel wanted and be swept off their feet. like ; being carried to the bed for sex, spontaneous hugs,kisses, text mess.saying XOXO and so on. try being more flirty, make her feel wanted, ask her what you could do to please her or what you are not doing. i wish my man" would do it. good luck.

I agree w Apple 22 My boyfriens was the same, and at times he still draws back, patience is best, and most times patience gets rewarded.

personally, I don't quite understand how you can class her as your girlfriend if you have hardly kissed once and you are afraid to touch her or be physical with her in any way. Perhaps you should talk to her and bring this issue out in the open. Does she see you as her boyfriend or just a friend? Because if she thinks you are just good friends this could explain her reluctance to be with you physically. But even if you are somewhat shy and don't feel like you can bring it up in conversation start by initiating little kisses or hugs like some of the other people have suggested. And if she doesn't bring up the conversation eventually and still resists then you need to take the responsibility for your own sake to clarify the situation and ask her what is wrong, what she wants and what she really thinks of you.

If she just isn't interested in you in that way than you are probably better off trying to be friends with her and finding someone who'll want to be with you in every way.

Good luck

Make sure your breath doesn't stink! I'm not being facetious, I'm speaking from experience. When my fiance' and I started dating he would try to kiss me, and I would give him a peck and look away. His breath stank, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him, so I just never kissed him! He just figured I wasn't "the kissing type". Finally, in an argument he brought up how he loves to kiss, and I hate it. I had to tell him it wasn't me. Since then, he makes an effort to not have bad breath, and we've been kissing ever since.