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Why wont my ex talk to me?

Published on August 5, 2012 by becca_a

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. We dated for 3 years, and were best friends a year before we started dating. He broke up with me because I lied about going to the beach with a bunch of my girlfriends. I only lied because he was threatening to break up with me the morning i was going to the beach. At first he said he wasnt ready to give me another chance, then said he gave me too many chances, I asked to see him he said no. I wrote him a letter he refused to read it. He told my best friend that Im great and can find someone better than him even though it would kill him. Told her he misses me. I dont understand at all. I miss him so much. But he hasnt talked to me in about a month. Why wont he just talk to me so we can be civil?


Your ex sounds like a douchebag. Sounds like he just wanted out of the relationship. He also seems like he wanted to control you. He could have already moved orhe could be an angry pric. Love yourself and show him you don't deserve to be treated like that. Try and get over himand knowthat you can be happy without him.

thank you for replying. and yes he was VERY controlling. I know hes talking to other girls which kills me. but its just easier said than done to move on. i still love him and care about him. and knowing the reason we broke up is so dumb makes it even harder