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Why won't he hug me?

Published on September 1, 2013 by ammiixx

My guy best friend has got really weird about hugging. We are really close - spend about 80% of our time together. He always invites me to do stuff, i know his friends, his family. I've stayed at his house 5 times this week, we always share a bed. But recently whenever I leave him he has got really weird about hugging me, and just gives me these really awkward high fives! What's he doing? I know it sounds pathetic but its just irritating me. In fact in general he is now a lot less touchy with me than he used to be. Can anyone shed some light on what could have changed? Thanks xx


Hi Ammiixx,

I do not know how old you guys are. It could be that he reached puberty and is becoming awkward with girls. He probaly has guy friends too, and maybe he doesn't want to be bullied.

But him not hugging you anymore could have several other reasons. It could be your personal hygiëne, or him having an awkward boner everytime he sees you and feels ashamed by it. I don't know. Remember, he IS a boy, and some guys just are weird about it. I wouldn't blame myself if I were you. You are still his best friend and as long as that doesn't change, he certainly cares a lot for you and keeps hanging out with you, and that is what matters the most. But being best friends, also means that you can talk about everything. I would not ask something like: "Why do you not hug me anymore? Did I do something wrong? :c" but more something like: tries to hug him and he refuses "EY what's the matter? Do I smell or something? Hahaha." that makes him at ease with you and it won't turn this problem into a HUGE ONE. I'm sure it isn't, and then he will give you some answers perhaps.

Don't worry too much about it and talk to him. I'm sure you will laugh about it once you guys come clean with eachother.

Good luck! I hope this will help you out.

Kind Regards,


The fastest way to find out is to ask him. Spending time and energy figuring it out otherwise is a waste of time. Creating deep meaningful relationships require good communication skills. Having an open and honest conversation is the first step to getting to the heart of the matter. Tell him how you feel and that he matters in your life. Keep us posted!