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Why won't he admit we are in a relationship?

Published on August 1, 2010 by charmflower2

My boyfriend and I have been together nearly 8 months and yet he rarely admits we are in a relationship, just dating. It really bothers me but I don't want to upset him with that question.


Have you considered he just might not want to be in a "relationship" so he can keep his options open? That's usually what a man means when he says he's just dating.

If you want a relationship, why worry about upsetting him? He doesn't want what you want. This is important information you need to know.

This also clears the way for you to pursue someone who WANTS a relationship with you. Not someone who just wants to "date you" until something/someone else comes along.

If you want a relationship, by all means you should take a stand for what you want and find one!

I completely know how this feels, and it's horrible. The guy I was with last year was exactly the same: I kept trying to make our arrangement a relationship, he kept putting in only the barest minimum of effort, and I was confused and miserable. I've since found out that he was almost certainly sleeping with other women while we were together, because as far as he was concerned, he wasn't in a relationship, so he was therefore still available. I finally came to my senses when he wouldn't commit to going out with my friends and I for my birthday celebrations - yes, it was horribly painful, yes it was scary being single again, and yes I hated the fact that all of my friends were in a couple except for me. But if I'd still been messing around with that idiot I wouldn't have met my current boyfriend, who was happy to call me his girlfriend within 2 weeks of dating. You're worth more than you're getting at the moment, but you won't be able to find it while you're still trying to make things work with a non-committal guy. Sorry, I know this sucks, but I wish you all the luck in the world in finding what you really want.

He is being honest, He does not want a "relationship". Why push it. Date around and be at peace.

I understand that at times he admits you are a couple. Having not talked to him, and you more of the relationship I would be at best quessing. I could tell you a guess and it may match so here goes. Go with you heart instinct or gut feeling, if both of you are not pressuring each other, you could be more patient or tell him what both of you are doing is not quite your expectation.

i think if you are ready to settle down and he keeps saying that he is just dating then he should consider taking the following steps:

  1. tell urself that if ur ready to settle and he is only dating after 8 months, he is only wating ur time
  2. if he is wating ur time then its best you move on now before the yrs start passing by
  3. understand that nothing is sure and so its best to be brave and ask him now before you start loving him more.
  4. decide to accept whatever response he gives to you and know that it will help you to take the next step (staying wit him or moving on)
  5. its best you ask he might not even notice how much its affecting you, asking him you might just hear him say something more soothing to your ears.