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Why was my head turned?

Published on January 12, 2014 by kevinwilson5

I had a healthy marriage and for no reason my head was turned by another woman at work. After only 3 weeks I told my wife that I had feelings for someone else. This all blew up and she left. I slept with the other woman 2 weeks later and regretted it. I want my wife back but don't know why I did what I did. Please help me.


Sometimes feelings can be felt through your head when your heart knows where it belongs. Your wife will need healing time to take all of this in because she probably feels like she wasn't good enough and that's what made you start feelings for the other woman. The mind can play mean tricks on you sometimes, it can tell you that you're incredibly happy when you're really not or it can tell you that you need something when what you have is more than enough. Time heals everything..

Find a therapist. Ask yourself why you were willing to let a good thing go. You are either too immature to be married, or you have a huge sense of entitlement, or both. Good Luck