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why want she tell me how she really feels

Published on February 7, 2010 by texas_wood

ok i have this girl and i was her first well that was the one and only time we had sex then i move away i'm back now and she has a kid (not mine) and a old man and we have became really good friend like so good we talk ever minent we are alone if its not not on the phone its online are by text well to get to the question i asked if she had any feeling for me just so i would know and she told me she could not tell me that. So i am just looking for the reason why she can't tell me how she feels because i really care about her and would like to know how she feels please if there is anyone out there that could answer this please do thank you


I know how she feels, she does like you but she can't tell you cause of her 'old man' he's probably taking care of her and her child and she feels she can't love or tell you she does care for you because of him. She's just being respectful of her situation.

Did you ever tell her how you feel? Maybe she just wants to make sure you have feelings for her before she tells you. I'd say to let her know how you feel and see if that makes her comfortable enough to tell you how she feels. It sounds like she does have feelings for you because if she didn't she wouldn't have anything to hide.

If she can't tell you, I think you need to back away. Her refusal to talk to you about her feelings indicates that she is feeling something, but she also loves her current bf and has committed to him. If you like this girl, respect her enough not to push the issue and don't put her in any compromising situations.