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Why such awkward social arrangements with Bars Vs Coffee establishments?

Published on September 7, 2010 by devoutonanist

When I'm at coffee establishments I have the potential to be more social, but it seems that people are more closed down and defensive also they play more sedate music at coffee places and at Bars I tend to be more reserved and shut down and people expect Me to be more outgoing, is there something wrong with Me?


Hi DevoutOnanist,

So what is it about the folks in these places that makes you feel they are not social? Have you talked to them? Have you started a conversation regarding the coffee of the day and were pushed away? The challenge is not the folks in the coffee shop but rather it is your ability to speak and engage the other patrons of the coffee shop. When I think of myself I discover that I am very introverted so I work to have something to say to those in line with me in the coffee shops. It is amazing how many and how much folks share with you once you start a conversation. Have you tried this? Let us know how it goes. Tomorrow is a great day to give it a try.