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Why parents oppose so much our relationship?

Published on January 4, 2010 by genjitales

My parents and my boyfriend's parents totally oppose our relationship and we dont know why. We are from different country. I'm from South East Asia and he's from West East Asia. Is it because we are from different country and our area hates each other? We study overseas right now. He lives with his dad and I live with my brother. We met in the country we study. Our relationship has been going on for almost 1 year with our parents opposes. His dad even called my bro and asked me to stop this relationship that he called "silly". They asked us to be friends with each other. We agree and be best friends with each other. We share worries and happiness and our thinking together. At now, they asked us to stop even that. I didnt listen to them. My parents said I'm an ungrateful child and I made them worried when they sent me to study overseas. They also said I'm chasing a never happy ending road and they are sure me and my BF never gonna work out. HIs dad said to him he would cut all the supporting my boyfriend would have in University (including University's fee) and he will be on his own. His parents also said the same thing as my parents, that we would never work out. We really feel anxious and scared. We really really into each other. We are best friend and we understand each other deeply even though we are still young, but sometimes it makes us wonder why they keep saying that. Please give us advice.


Uh yeah. Parents can be like that.

You could try make your parents see what you see in him by letting his actions speak for him (and they might realise that he is a good person) or Maybe wait a few years, see what happens with you both, and try agian later?

I think your problems may go beyond the scope of us westerners to really understand. Your parents and your boyfriend's parents have a long history of their cultures being at odds with each other. For both of your parents this is reason enough to deny you both any acceptance or blessing for your relationship. Its sad that they won't look past where you are both from and see who you both are. At this point, the choice is really up to you both. It sounds like you both are technically adults and can make your own choices in regards to your relationship, but you both depend on your parents for financial support to finish your educations. You may not have any other options than to comply with what your parents demand of both of you if you are unable to continue going to your school on your own.

I agree, its not fair, but life seldom is when we can't really control what choices we have.