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Why my husband not understanding me?

Published on June 1, 2010 by usha

My marriage on 28 Jan 2007 in India, i need advise is i am wrong to think bad about him. i love very much to my husband like anything even i can die for him but i think (not sure need advise) he is not liking me, I show him always whenever we go out he look at other attractive women when I am along with him with 9month old baby thou they are elder to his age, he has even no more interest in sex i thing(need positive advise) yes but if i say him to do sex then he do ,not by his interest...this question always comes in mind why he not ask me first for sex why i always? because of my face or else kindly help me. Myself USHA and internally my nature is very jolly i love romantic place song and dance all are my hobbies but after marriage all gone. i feel like to have sex always ok not always but after 2-3 days i thing this is with me may because of age 26 or not satisfying with 10mint sex? no foreplay sometime 2-3mint....what to do ?i am housewife? Whole day i think of these thing what wrong with me? How i can make him happy? How he stop looking at other lady that time i feel like i kill myself but because of my 9th month baby controlling? Kindly advice me, How to get relief from my headache? Does i need to change my behavior? Or i will leave him to do what he wants?

I SAID ALL ABOVE PROBLEM TO MY HUSBAND BUT I THINK HE IS NOT UNDERSANDING ANYMORE MY PROBLEM YES one day he said i will try to avoid my habit gradually but i show him he is still looking at other lady in front of me when i went out with him.