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Why is it so hard to sleep with my husband after finding out he cheated?

Published on April 5, 2010 by yokpus

When people say watch for the changing signs in your man to know if he is cheating....believe that! My womans instuition kicked in is how I found out my husband cheated. He apologized, I put him out for a month....saw it was running my kids I let him come home....on the condition he sleeps in the den and has no conversation with me. Anyway, now that things have somewhat been tackled...through many major conversations,heated discussions,and therapy....I just can't find myself making love to him right now. He cheated on me last year in December....but it is still fresh to me. I know I need to learn to let it go....but I'm constantly reminded of it because I see this female everyday I take my son to school. I know I need to fix it for my own santity.....but how do I give myself to him knowing that he gave himself to someone else?