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Why isn't he texting me back and are we still together?

Published on December 3, 2012 by umikitty

me and my bf have been together for 3 years. Im a senior in high school and hes in his first year in college. he lives about 3 hours away from me. we used to be so close n text all night and i teat him like the beast, im never clingy n i let him do what ever he wants because i love him. but ever seance he graduated high school hes hasnt been the same n wev been drifting apart, for instance he sees me only once a month and barley textes me n when he dose he doesnt sound interested. I talked to him before about how i felt like he didnt care about me anymore n he apologized saying he didnt mean to make me feel that way so we made plans to see each other. he texted me to hang out n i got the text 20 minutes later bc my phone wasnt near me so i texted him back but he said he was already hanging with his other friends n couldnt wait that long for me. he could at least try to call me be4 bailing on me so of course i was upset bc i rarely get to see him. so the next day i texted him why he was being like this. we got in a little argument n he replyd n short one word answers the hole time so i told him how he was acting like he doesnt care n he always picks his friends over me n he DIDNT REPLY!! its been a week n he hasnt said anything.what dose that mean? are we still together or should i move on? im so confused :P


Guys are cowards about breaking up. They treat you like crap so you'll do it. The relationship has run its course. And people who are in college cannot text all night. They are constantly studying and trying to pass their courses, so if your next bf is in college, don't expect this. Why would you stay with someone who can go a week without speaking to you? End it now. People usually go through many relatinships before they settle down. It's a good way to see what type of person is best for you. He is not. Move on.