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Why isnt he texting me anymore?

Published on September 12, 2013 by sarah-m


So i met a guy about 2 weeks ago, i was out with my friends and i noticed him sitting across the room we smiled at each other and then after a bit, he came up to me we had a small conversation, he said he was out of town and he was visiting here.. he seemed like a really nice polite guy and so when he asked for my number i gave it to him right away. i left the place and after less than 30 mins he called me which i think was really sweet we talked for a bit and he said that he was passing by the same place i was heading to and asked me if we could sit down and talk for a while, i hesitated coz i didnt want him to think i was easy but i thought to myself that he is out of town i might not see him again so what do i got to lose.. Anyways, we met at a coffee shop and he was really sweet i had a great time with him, it didnt feel like we just met there werent any awkward moments, it was just perfect! He said he was staying for a few more days before he had to get back to work (he is a cop), the same night we were texting for long and the days after as well he asked to meet before he left but i was busy with work so i couldnt. The night he was traveling back home he called me when at the airport and he texted me when he got there and the days after were great, he'd always text first and we'd be talking the whole time and he said that he'll be coming back soon so we get to go out on a proper date; it felt like he made real effort to show me he liked me and i did tell him that i liked him too. So about 6 days ago i was the one who'd start the conversation first, his replies were sort of cold and basic like he'd just answer what id ask and i did ask him if things were ok and he said yah.. So 3 days ago i decided i wasnt gonna text him anymore and see if he'd text or call and he hasnt till now... I dont know what to think of the situation coz it doesnt make sense to me why'd he suddenly not make any effort anymore and its not like he's too busy or there's something wrong coz i could see that he was online the past few days (on Whatsapp).. did he just lose interest all of a sudden, should i get over him or maybe wait a few days and if i still dont hear from him, call and check on him.. I dont want to seem desperate but im really upset that he isnt talking anymore coz i honestly did fall for him... what do i do? Any male opinions??