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Why is my ex telling me nasty things after seven months?

Published on December 1, 2013 by veexclusive

So it's been seven months since my ex and I last talked. We don't communicate nor text like we use to when we call it over. And this time I made no attempt on winning his heart, keeping him in my life, or anything. But after seven months, he tells me I had to leave him alone? I have to do my own thing?!

First of all haven't I been doing that for a good time while when we were friends on FB he would comment on my posts, pics, and all and we get into arguments and now that I officially called it done with blocking him he hits me up through a text after all of this time and tells me to leave him alone just because his so called friend says he's crawling back to me??

What is he trying to make a point!


Sounds like he's not over you and is playing a blame game. Fear and insecurity sucks when you have to deal with your own. Sounds like the way he is dealing with his is by vindicating you. I wonder if you two have common friends. If you do, he may be posturing to make it appear like you were trying to get back with him or that you were bothering him. I don't know what his intention is, and really it's not important. From the sounds of it, you just want peace and to move on with your life. I think you can block selected numbers on your phone where you won't receive any calls or texts. I would start there. If you can't, you could change your number. In the meantime, take it as a minor annoyance from an emotionally insecure guy. Break up sucks because we get so intertwined with our emotions and it gets so personal. Good luck with this.

My guess is that he's trying to forget you and not succeeding. Since this relationship is over as far as you're concerned, my advice is to ignore these messages and not waste time or energy trying to figure them out. Not worth it. Erase the message and put your energy into something productive in your own life.

Okay I am going to be honest on the things that I have seen with men. For men, often times they say that they want space, but what that really means is that they want space for themselves and they want you to stay attached. So often times, when a women move on with her life, and does the unexpected by NOT chasing them. Then this can often draw them back in. It would seem like he may not want to be in a relationship, but still wants to keep tabs on you or keep the possibility open. He may also want to come back to you like the other users said, and is sending you text just to feel you out on weather you would take him back or not. Sometimes the most desirable thing to a man, is when a woman walks away. So he may just be throwing things out there (since you have blocked all communication with him) to see where you at in your life. By this I mean, he may be trying to see if you are seeing anyone else, or if you would take him back if given the chance.


Your interpretation is accurate. My question to you is why? I think some men want to keep a woman attached. As you said, the woman moves on and then the man tries harder to keep that connection. Also, throwing a few lines out to exes, I think, is one way to maintain some semblance of control of the relationship even if it is a fantasy. I think it stems from insecurity and loss of control of the man's ego. The same thing can be said about women who do the same thing. I think this is a very human quality. I recall the phrase: "We all want what we can't/shouldn't have."


Don't take a guy like this back. Insecurity is not a woman's best friend.