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why is he sexting someone else?

Published on May 1, 2014 by meh217

I have been with a guy for 6 months. We have not clearly defined our relationship. He calls me his girl. He calls several times a day. We spend everyday together. He has plans to take me on vacation. We run errands together. He has told me that I am the whole package he could ever want in a girl because I am smart, attractive, take care of my body, and am a girl. He shows me off to his friends. I know he talks to a couple other girls and I found out he has sexted one of them. He said she is nothing. She was abused by her husband, has kids, and has had a crappy life. He said he wants to be with me. He wants to spend his time with me, misses me. He calls so often that I do now his schedule. Should I be threatened by the sexting?