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Why is he not calling me his gf?

Published on May 25, 2013 by zama

Hi my is zama 19,well i have a bf 26 we been dating about 3 years now but i have a problem with him, he doesn't call me his gf and he does not tell people date we dating or just talking about me dating hm, i know its not about our ages makes him not to call me his gf,why is he not


I don't think its anything personal, and really who are these PEOPLE he's supposed to tell? Do you get my point? I can't control if a woman I am dating decides to share who she is being intimate with because that's her CHOICE and she has to use that judgement because she knows them, not me. Sometimes people don't want others in their business and it should not be taken as if he doesn't value you or esteems you- its a matter of choice. You must still be respectful and not try to create drama because you can't control anyone but yourself. Men don't count weeks, years, and days regarding how long we've been dating someone to decide who should be privileged to share with. We may tell our best guy friends and that's it. Its not ALL ABOUT YOU>>>lol