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Why Is He Ignoring Me?

Published on May 6, 2013 by tripplet18

I have been liking this guy for about 8 months now and for the first few months, we were pretty close. We talked a lot online and even once stayed up from 7 pm to 1 am in the morning. We talked about pretty personal stuff and even got to know each other a little more. When he had found out about me liking him, he said that he only liked me as a friend and it took me a couple of months to adjust to that, and we had some complications along the way, but we had solved them. He had promised (indirectly) that we could be friends and he had kept his word for a couple of months and has helped me through some struggles. At one point, him and I had gotten into a fight and durring that week, he had gotten a girlfriend. He then had stopped talking to me for a couple of weeks, and then we had a dance at our school and he was there and he was the first one to say hi to me. Then, he just stopped talking to me again. When I first started liking him, he would say hi to me in the hallways and give me a smile and wave. But, now that he has a gf (who is his ex), he's ignoring me and I don't know why. There are times where I feel like I have to let go because it isn't going anywhere, but it's hard because him and I can relate to lots of personal things and I was finally able to have a guy friend that truly cares about me. I just don't understand why he's ignoring me now, I thought that we were cool!


Your guy is immature, and you are witnessing standard immature guy behavior. Get used to it, because you will see it for the rest of your life. Your best response is to not let it affect you. Broaden your list of friends and acquaintances and always have something to do. Do not let some goofy guy control your life.

Oh, I had one of these guy friends. As odd as it sounds, we were really close when he was with a long-term girlfriend. He flirted all the time, and even sent me a few drunk texts that made me think that perhaps he was interested. But then when he and his girlfriend broke up, he turned into the biggest flake I'd ever met. All of the sudden, he'd stop texting and every time I'd try to make plans, he'd conveniently forget about them or suddenly have an emergency. It hurt that when he knew I finally had an opportunity to be more than friends with him, he cheekily tried to hide from it.

After a point, I just decided that I was tired of being disappointed. So, I would stop sending the first text or the first post on FB. I noticed that he didn't seem to be popping in to make up for that. So, I took that as proof that clearly we had a one-way relationship. And those never work.