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why husband only wants sex his way

Published on September 1, 2010 by raven123

he doesn't kiss or do any foreplay with me he wants a blowjob everytime then asks you ready and climbs on top. before married variety of position and he would initate sex since married go over week without sex until I ask for it. I am so dissatisfied with the sex he does not perform oral on me at all if i mention it or say i want to spice things up he gets mad. Says if not happy with sex this way then you can leave.


I'm sorry you're in this situation... marriage should be about connecting and enjoy each other. He sounds controlling and forceful. I would try telling him OUTSIDE of the bedroom that you miss how sex was before you were married. Remind him of the exact things you liked so much so he knows what you're getting at, and see what he says. If he resists and still says you have to do it his way, I would consider marriage counseling to get to the root of his control issues. Good luck!!

this is a tough one. i am also sorry you are in predicament. it seems like he is degrading you. oral satisfaction should be wanted and enjoyable. how can he enjoy it if he knows your not really. maybe setting up a romantic night of something that may remind you both of what it was like before. play a game. me and my man make pretend late nite doctors appointments. we take turns. maybe tell him this and that he's had his appointment now its your time. make up something thats wrong with your vagina (obviuosly funny /cute ) its talking) gd luck